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Highpass Reverb 2.5.0

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Introducing HighPass Reverb, an audio plugin that provides a fast reverb effect with a high-pass filter and frequency visualizer. This plugin is perfect for adding spatial effects to a track while keeping the low end frequencies uncluttered. With HighPass Reverb, you can achieve this with just one plugin. A frequency visualizer is a great way to see the effect of reverbs, and HighPass Reverb includes this feature (explained below). Try it out for yourself.

Download and try HighPass Reverb for free on your Mac or Windows digital audio workstation. Let us know your feedback and receive a free license. The plugin comes in VST3, AU and AAX formats for Mac, and VST3 and AAX formats for Windows. In other words HighPass Reverb works on most digital audio workstations, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton, Reaper, Garageband or Cubase among others.

IMPORTANT: Our software is secure. To guarantee authenticity, each plugin and the Mac installer has been code signed with a valid Apple certificate then the installer has been notarized by Apple, and the Win installer has been code signed with an Authenticode certificate issued by a Microsoft's recognized certification authority.

How to use HighPass Reverb

HighPass Reverb operates in the same way as any other fast reverb plugin. You can modify the Room Size, Damping, and Dry/Wet Controls to adjust the effect to your liking. However, HighPass Reverb includes an additional control to modify the cut frequency of the filter, which adds an extra dimension to the effect and allows you to control the low end.

When analyzing a reverb effect, you can use a frequency visualizer to see how much energy and delay the reverberated tail signal has on the frequency spectrum. Simply play and stop the track to see the effect of the reverb on the visualizer. With HighPass Reverb's built-in frequency visualizer, you can easily analyze the effect and make adjustments as needed.

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HighPass Reverb Samples

You can hear the capabilities of the plugin in the following audio files. Starting from a dry vocal track and following with a few reverb possibilities created with HighPass Reverb.

Comments about HighPass Reverb

Thanks a lot for this one. A nice sound palette, and a very easy to use reverb.

Damien T.

HighPass Reverb plugin is very easy to dial in the perfect reverb settings in seconds.

KeepCalm Music

I was surprised by it as it works great. It was very useful especially on drums.

Orlando C.

HighPass Reverb sounds really nice as a room simulator. It has nice room tone colors.


Me parece muy útil e interesante una reverb que incluya un filtro de paso alto para mejorar el flujo de trabajo y evitar emborronanientos / enmascaramientos de frecuencias poniendo límites a las frecuencias graves. Creo que así se puede lograr una mezcla prístina y limpia.

Freddy H.

Very interesting, quite pleasant to use, and great results on my mixes. Thanks guys!

Mike B.

HighPass Reverb is easy to use and for a beginner like me the visualization is very helpful too, to understand whats going on with my sound.

Jörg Z.

Just by the looks alone it makes me want to start tweaking some audio.

Keith S.

Excelente idea, facilita muchísimo conseguir que mi reverb no nuble mi mezcla, gracias.

Felipe F.

It's nice to be able to easily create an effective reverb.


Thank you for this amazing plugin.

Sanjay C.

Great simple reverb plugin with nice visual feedback.


No harm checking out free tools which may add positive options for mix clarity.

David N.

Visually very clear and convenient It is also good that the color of the GUI can be changed freely.

Takuto H.

Nice plugin, good luck guys!


Very unique reverb GUI, I like the piano roll idea, for precise frequencies work, very useful.

Samba S.

Nice to have the filter built in. Looks good too.

Keith H.

HighPass Reverb is good on snare and arp synths, it gives a bit of flavor.

Konstantin S.

This plugin is powerful and handy, thank you for sharing it.

Jacob R.

Good, very simple and intuitive use, the texture of the sound is excellent.


Personally, I think it's fantastic and I highly recommend it! One thing that makes it stand out from other fast reverb plugins is its filter cut frequency control. This feature allows you to adjust the low-end and add an extra dimension to the effect, which I think is really cool. Plus, the built-in frequency visualizer is a great tool to help you analyze the effect and make adjustments as needed. Trust me, this plugin is definitely worth trying out and will make a great addition to your toolkit as a producer!

David B

Really useful addition to my mixing plug-ins. Love the depth of sound without losing clarity and becoming muddy. Superb!

Ged R.

I opened it and immediately recognized the natural, not chemically, plasticly sounding highs and the nice depth of the midfield, this plugin offer, its a total keeper, it will definitely find its use right now!

Elias Q.

So clean reverb! Straightforward operation! Cool plugin!

Mono G.

Wow, very nice! I'd use it for room/ambience! I tried on a (female) vocal and it was instantly spacey! Very nice on acoustic solo guitar too. And of course yes, the HPF is absolutely useful.


This reverb seems very promising and I appreciate your making it available for free.

Alan B.

Thank you for the High Pass Reverb. I think it's great how easy it is to access the most important parameters and how the high pass filter works.


Nice Reverb, great sound and useful for all sounds and genres.

Jamie W.

Simple. Great sounding. Easy to use. Checks all the boxes.

Jeremy P.

I like how I can use just one instance of the plugin in place of three. Light on memory and without sounding rough. I can definitely see myself using it on a regular basis. Thanks for the license.

Kim P.

It's got a very simple yet good-looking interface. The inbuilt spectrum analyzer makes it much easier to analyze which part of a signal the reverb is affecting. HighPass Reverb is wonderful!

Austin C.

Just tried the plugin. I was impressed at how easy it was to use. Thanks.

Lawrie D.

The HighPass Reverb is a nice touch. Zero latency and low CPU consumption. I love plugins that create pure spaces. I Will use it. Thank you!


I am a producer out of Sweden, triying my best to produce Reggae & Dub. This Reverb plugin was what I been searching for for a long time. So thank you for this!


I enjoy the next-level sound that a good High Pass Reverb plugin can give to a simple sound.


Me parece una herramienta genial y muy intuitiva, debe de estar em el bandel de plugins de cualquier productor.

Juan R.

Various room sizes and reverberation methods can be adjusted. I was also surprised at how beautiful the sound was, which I could not believe it was free. I would like to use it again in the future.


Very cool effect! I love the easy use and sound of the filter. Thank you!

Ted P.

I like the way reverb sounds on drums.

Stan L.

Seriously, adding a filter with simplicity to a reverb is a free tool anyone shouldn't underestimate.


I really appreciate the fact that this helps to de-clutter my mix with the high-pass component. Two thumbs up!

Anthony D.

I found this great sounding reverb very useful on ambient style projects, where its uncluttered UI doesn't draw you down the usual rabbit hole of options you sometimes find on other "big name" reverb plugins. It does what it does and does it well. Kudos to all involved in its production, a job well done.

Dan C.

For vocals this has the capability for a softer edge. I dig it!

Freddie Y.

This is perfect, it was such a pain to manually high pass my reverbs every time, now i can do it quickly. Thanks!


Did not expect a whole lot with this plugin, but was pleasantly blown away. Great job. Thank you!


A really solid reverb. It’s especially good for guitar and vocals.


É Super interessante o plugin. Reverb diferenciado bem flequicível.

Deusvaldo S.

HighPass Reverb is very powerful tool Plugin to give that peculiar and amazing characteristic of reverberation without losing the natural ambient effect.

Karl J.

I really like this plugin, it saves me time and CPU by not loading an extra instance of EQ.

Tom W.

This plugin has a perfect sound, and above all it doesn't seem to consume too many computer resources. I love it thanks.

Angel V.

Easy to work with, fast workflow not having to create an FX send.

Mattias L

An excellent compressor, simple, practical and I highlight the signal monitor, a very good idea.

Jafet F.

Very useful plugin for experimenting with unconventional reverb textures, with a simple and intuitive interface. Thank you!

Dimitriy D.

Excellent! I love how my reverbs never sound harsh. Always natural. Good job guys!


Really nice for adding some stereo width. UI doesn't really suit my taste, but it's clean and functional.

Ryan M

Licensing Options

HighPass Reverb offers three different licensing modes to suit your needs. Upon initial installation, the plugin operates in an intermittent mode, enabling and disabling every 10 seconds. This mode allows you to explore all the plugin's features. If you find HighPass Reverb valuable, you can support our work by purchasing a Full license, which grants permanent access to all features. Alternatively, there is a free Basic license available that provides all functionalities except for the high pass filter, for those who prefer not to make a payment.