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Waveform Shaper 2.5.0

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This plugin provides a unique capability for editing audio waveforms with options that apply to different waveform shapes without distinction. The addition of bumps, which optionally move, along the waveform can be beneficial in adding texture to low-frequency tracks. Moreover, there is a single distortion knob that allows positive and negative distortion, and the plugin also offers the useful feature of visualizing the actual waveform cycle by cycle, with the option to normalize for a better view. Just give it a try and explore its possibilities.

Download and try Waveform Shaper for free on your Mac or Windows digital audio workstation. Purchase it only if it meets your needs. The plugin comes in VST3, AU and AAX formats for Mac, and VST3 and AAX formats for Windows. In other words Waveform Shaper works on most digital audio workstations, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton, Reaper, Garageband or Cubase among others.

IMPORTANT: Our software is secure. To guarantee authenticity, each plugin and the Mac installer has been code signed with a valid Apple certificate then the installer has been notarized by Apple, and the Win installer has been code signed with an Authenticode certificate issued by a Microsoft's recognized certification authority.

How to use Waveform Shaper

To get started, play the track and observe the different waveforms displayed in the plugin. Take pauses where you notice distinct patterns and familiarize yourself with each signal and its corresponding sound. For medium and mid-high frequency sounds, as well as any low-volume audio, it is recommended to use the Normalize option to enhance the visibility of the audio signal.

Next, apply the effects individually to hear how they modify the sound of the track. Experiment with adding a single bump and placing it statically at various positions, adjusting its amplitude, width, and even the speed at which it moves along the waveform. Alternatively, you can try using the distortion knob for a different effect.

If the track exhibits significant variations where a single effect that works well in one part does not work in another, you can utilize automation to modify each variable accordingly.

The Waveform Shaper plugin is particularly useful for introducing texture to plain or untextured sounds, including vocals. This textural enhancement is often referred to as "grit." One advantage of adding grit to low-frequency sounds like bass or vocals is that the additional harmonics can be discernible even on simpler speakers, such as those found on phones. The following examples further illustrate this phenomenon.

Textured Sound

The following audio is generated by a single-frequency oscillator at 110Hz.

If you filter out the low frequencies as a simple speaker would do, there would be no audible sound.

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Now adding a single static bump with Waveform Shaper it sounds like the following audio.

This is the new frequency distribution of the this audio. With frequency components on 220Hz, 330Hz, 440Hz, etc. All harmonic frequencies of 110Hz.

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And if the same filter is applied to the textured signal, what we hear is only the harmonics.

The idea, apart from bringing some character to the track, is to keep a portion of the sound audible even when the main part is not audible, and avoid loosing it completely when the music is heard on simple speakers.

Licensing Options

Waveform Shaper offers three different licensing modes to suit your needs. Upon initial installation, the plugin operates in an intermittent mode, enabling and disabling every 10 seconds. This mode allows you to explore all the plugin's features. If you find Waveform Shaper valuable, you can support our work by purchasing a Full license, which grants permanent access to all features. Alternatively, there is a free Basic license available that provides all functionalities except for the Move and Distort options, for those who prefer not to make a payment.